AIKO stands as a bridge between the Eastern and Western cultures, particularly the Japanese Butoh and the European Contemporary Dance and Performance. The workshop includes body-, voice- and breathing-techniques, work with images, emotions and conditions using cognitive and intuitive approaches, and reflects about ritual acts and slowness as well as the conceptual approach and the dance in the core of the contextual performance and performance art.
AIKO is a method to advance techniques of expression and performance in dance. Working at one selfs personality and talent you step forward to approach your own inner self dance.

AIKO is based on the integration of the eastern, intuitive -associative and western, rational, functional-analytic way of thinking and working.

AIKO is the developed combination of the eastern – mainly influenced by the Japanese Butoh and divers western dance techniques as also according to further artistic accesses of dance.
You`ll get fundamental knowledge about performing art / artistic dance. The class includes various elements and techniques you need to perform. -Concentration, breathing, sound and voice techniques, working on centring, exercises to achieve control over the body and mind in a dynamic balance between your conscious and subconscious potential.
Bodywork and improvisations with images are equilibrating technique and intuitional expression.

„Knowing his body, the dancer is searching for his own entity and therefore his own inner dance“
„The authentic dance occurs to me at those moments you are able to express your body, mind and spirit united“

Teaching languages: German, English, Japanese

  • Block courses and workshops will be announced.
  • Individualized teaching and coaching according to agreements