Like a fragile web of smoke
In the light
As it is volatile but
Of ideal beauty
The moment

(Aiko Kazuko Kurosaki)

“Subtly, like a spider’s web, with the intensity of nature’s forces, the dance of Aiko Kazuko Kurosaki unfolds. The distorted, ugly, dead reveals itself in its absolute beauty – within purity and innocence, the abyss becomes visible. In change, transformation, in savoring states of contradiction, a spectrum of experiences of the human kind is unleashed, the immanent paradoxes of which cannot find a place within fashion just too often.
Her art triggers sensibility and the poetic sensation of the spectators. In its form, the dance underlines that seeking for easy answers is not enough – and so the topics she deals with are always coined by a critical, socially and politically questioning position.

Aiko Kazuko Kurosaki was born in Tokio, Japan and lives in Vienna today. In her pieces, she works with the immediacy of the body – the construction of virtual images, the implication of space and light approximate her dance to fine arts. The biographical fusion of an eastern and European background of experiences can also be seen in her work, which is formed by Japanese Butoh as well as by western, contemporary dance styles.”

Text: Magdalena Meindl